The first quarter business condition report identified some specific challenges as the key limitations to business expansion in the region. These were employment and financing condition. As part of the STCCI’s advocacy, we approached the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for support under its Local Economic Development Program (LED) and have acquired support from IFC to run a training program for all STCCI members in these areas. Below is the Schedule for the Training program.


First Set of Training

Aug 15 & 16

Effective Human Resource Management for Profit I

Aug 20 & 21

Business Funding I

Aug 22 & 23

Facility Application I

Aug 26 & 27

Effective Financial Management I


Second Set of Training

Sept 9 & 10

Effective Human Resource Management for Profit II

Sept 12 & 13

Business Funding II

Sept 16 & 17

Facility Application II

Sept 19 & 20

Effective Financial Management II


*Please note the second set of training is a continuation of the first Set

Venue: Anaji Choice Mart Conference Hall, St Francis Street, Anaji.

Time: 8: 30 am

Due to the limited spaces 20 per each topic, we recommend that you pick a preferred topic and a second choice just in case your preferred topic had reached its target. Topic allocation will be on first come first served basis.

Should you need further clarification please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Mrs Aba Tuffour on 050 167 8142


The Chamber builds the capacity of member firms and those associated with it by organizing periodic training programs for them. Thematic areas such as Financial Management, Business Advocacy, Strategic Planning, Customer Care, Product Branding, Strategic Planning and Information Technology were areas covered in the previous years.





The Training Objectives

  • Introducing basic knowledge, methodology and tools for enterprise strategic, financial and production planning,
  • Improving capacity for trade, exports, investments, access to markets, preparation to and implementation of ISO 9000,
  • Training of entrepreneurs and management in using ICT tools for business performance management, measurement, benchmarking as well as implementation of lean manufacturing,
  • Developing best practices, knowledge capital and applications facilitating easy setting of business targets, monitoring of business results and continuous improvement,
  • Assisting entrepreneurs on-site in enterprise benchmarking  diagnostics, managing innovations and investments,
  • Obtaining diagnostics and benchmarking results by each participating enterprise providing evidence for post - programme results evaluation,
  • Upgrading capacity of local consultants providing business assistance services to enterprises. Upgrading capacity of administrative and investments specialists and policy makers in preparing and evaluating of evidence based policies for SME industries

Gad Conference


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Conformity to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Systems through the implementation of OHS management systems by local...