Western Chamber Credit Union - WESCCU 

One of the challenges the Sekondi – Takoradi Chamber has faced over the years of its existence has been the need to address the financial needs of its members. Small firms continue to experience difficulty accessing adequate finance from formal external sources, notwithstanding many and varied institutional and policy initiatives introduced to address this seemingly perennial problem. 

In its quest to bridge the gap in lending to SMEs and also to inculcate the habit of individual and institutional savings, the Western Chamber Co-operative Credit Union (WESCCU) was established. WESCCU is a financial co-operative set up, owned and controlled by members. WESCCU provides the platform to build a self-help capital to not only start a business but also  to expand an existing one. This is not withstanding the development of the individuals within the Chamber and WESCCU community at large.

Since its establishment in 2010, WESCCU has served the wider need of savings and great value loans as well as tasking itself to educate members on the wise management of their  finances and encourage financial literacy.

Unlike other Credit Unions, a member of WESCCU stand to benefit from all the interventions of the Chamber like the business advisory services, networking, matchmaking etc, and that makes WESCCU different from all other Credit Unions. Membership to this Credit Union is opened to SMEs(both within and outside the Chamber),staff of Companies,trade associations,individuals,entrepreneurs and students.

WESCCU Currently operates two branches,ie,The Takoradi Branch and the Elubo Branch. Businesses and individuals are encouraged to join and save with the Western Chamber Co-operative Credit Union. Be assured of diverse financial products to meet your unique needs.

Our Products

  • Shares

Acquisition of the minimum shares qualifies one as a member and at the same time a part owner of the credit union. This means you have a say or vote in how the union runs it affairs. Dividends are paid on shares and this is reviewed annually at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) based on the Credit union’s performance.


  • Savings

Savings are the contributions by members which must be made periodically.

Benefits of WESCCU savings

  • Members can obtain loans based on the strength of their savings
  • Competitive interests are paid on savings (this is done quarterly).
  • Helps you accumulate capital for business and personal development.


  • Fixed Deposit Account:

WESCCU fixed deposit account is a special savings account that allows members to lock funds for a specified period at a competitive interest rate.


  • Wesccu fixed deposit account is backed by a WESCCU regular savings account
  • The member chooses the amount of their regular savings to be transferred into the fixed deposit account
  • Amount in Fixed deposit account could be used to guarantee other members for loan


  • Earn attractive interest on your deposit
  • Fast track processing
  • Ability to build your self-help capital


  • Loans

WESCCU grants loans to members for both productive and provident purposes. Being it the need to start, expand your business or for personal development purposes, our loans could be beneficial due to the quick approach and low interest charged.

Members can obtain loan application forms from the credit union offices, complete and return same.

  • Project Financing Loan:

The project financing loan is a product which enables individuals and business to raise immediate capital to pay or support any project.


  • Maximum 6 months tenure
  • Open to both members and non-members of WESCCU
  • Loan could be paid before expiration without penal charges


  • Access to funds to support projects
  • Affordable monthly repayments
  • Fast track processing
  • Competitive pricing



Contact Person

Contact Number

Email Address

Henry T. Ocansey -Manager

050 130 1203

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Cadmond Dadzie

020 222 5590

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Conformity to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Systems through the implementation of OHS management systems by local...



Conformity to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Systems through the implementation of OHS management systems by local...


WESCCU Contact

Contact Persons:

Henry T. Ocansey -Manager
024 251 7855


Mr Cadmond Dadzie-Chairman
020 222 5590


WESCCU Address:


Sekondi Takoradi Chamber of Commerce & Industrie

33/8 Liberation Road P.O. Box 45

Takoradi Ghana

+233 31 20 22385

WESCCU Office Opening Ceremony