Business  Advocacy


The Chamber raises issues to government and other policy makers on behalf of its members to provide an enabling environment for the private sector. Complaints on taxation, employment, utilities which ultimately affect business growth are among issues advocated on by the chamber.


Three trade groups associated with the Chamber were part of a number of associations being supported by Busac Fund. They were trained on how to advocate and when to advocate among other things. The associations carried out researchers to form the basis for the advocacy initiative.

Azulelounu Oil makers Association

The problem being advocated on was the absence of a local coconut oil market centre at Nzema which has resulted in high cost of transportation to uncertain oil markets outside the region.
In addition, there is also loss of income through robbery on the highways to the big cities coupled with poor pricing of products by market queens in the cities.

What the research sought to do: The established baseline information on the estimated number of local coconut oil producers so as to build a stronger coalition and seek support for enhanced coconut oil marketing, through establishment of a local Oil Market. This will improve upon the revenue earnings of oil processors and associated ancillary businesses. The researcher recommended the following:

To the Assemblies in these three districts: There is the need for all three Assemblies to agree on an acceptable location for the establishment of a local oil market.