Research is a systematic investigative process employed to increase or revise current knowledge by discovering new facts. Research should be innovative and collaborative [that results in transforming the welfare of companies and people within], the reason for socio- economic development.

Our team undertakes research that promotes the welfare of companies and residents in Western Region [including] partnership in advocacy to create an enabling environment for socio-economic development.


Economic Data Research

This research is geared towards describing the current state of an economy. It concerns the collection, processing, compilation and analysis of the economy. The data of concern may include an economy of a region and the country as a whole.  Data is gathered from approved institutions, produced by [organizations] for example central bank, ministries, and credit unions. [Analysis gathered from these official statistics makes] use of and provide the empirical data needed in economic research whether descriptive or econometric.

Business Condition Survey

STCCI research team is committed to supporting and promoting the welfare of small and medium scale companies in western region by providing up to date information that can make business make informed decisions.

The research team conducts business condition survey quarterly every year for tracking business condition and forecasting the future of the economy by providing insights into [businesses], sentiments and trends. Specifically the survey provides both a look back at the previous quarter and a predictive index going forward.

The outcome of this survey could help economic institutions, the administration, as well as policy makers to address economic issues.

Specifically we give up to date information on the following:

  • Current business situation
  • Expectation of business
  • Factors limiting businesses expansion
  • Expectation of foreign trade
  • Investment potential
  • Investment reasons
  • Employment
  • Impact of Power Distribution Service (PDS) tariffs in businesses

Special /Specific Research

 No Child Left Behind

This research is conducted by gathering information for a targeted group of people and very specific and in-depth questions geared towards resolving problems found through prior exploratory research:

No [child] left behind; it’s an example of such research which is to ensure that all children of school going age have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education]. This process is meant to help meet the educational needs of low achieving children in the nations, poverty stricken children.


Gad Conference


Conformity to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Systems through the implementation of OHS management systems by local...



Conformity to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Systems through the implementation of OHS management systems by local...