Mr. Richard Bentil the Managing Director of Bentility Ventures limited an Accredited Distributor for CIMC Dongyue Vehicles of China International Marine Container Group Company Limited has a lot of experience in managing business. Having managed a company like OTR TYRES (GHANA) LIMITED - 1993 -2009 and serving as key person in other companies he knows the plight of the business community.

 Mr. Bentil had his tertiary education at the Accra Polytechnic and the University of Ghana respectively where He studied accountancy and audit. He has studied in a number of prestigious institutions like the Equation institute of UK and The Royal society of Arts just to mention a few.

From 2000-2008 He served on the board of The Affiliate Group of the Ghana Chamber of Mines as the  Vice Chairman, with his accounting background He served as the Chairman of Western Chamber of Commerce Credit Union, Takoradi Ghana. He brings to the executive board innovative ways to finance projects.